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I am writing to tell you something that happened four weeks ago. Mrried am a woman in a very open mofos relationship and I feel very unfaithful. I have 41 years, a firm tone 36d2435 long legs, short blond hair and my body waxed smooth. I love riding, I have two horses and my husband supports them financially. Thou who wanted a new bike, which rises above the free of charge. My husband told me that I try to get a better deal. Director Mike saw the farm the next day. He is someone who hates my husband, he always tried to entertain him is not my type. mofos It is very arogant, in the mofos late forties, strong body, but also full of themselves. I prefer young guys in the ideal case atheltic big black cock and love. said I told him he needed to talk to him about an agreement on the chair, he told his house, which has reached the stable site 16:00. I decided to get dressed for action and had a short black dress that was cut very low, middle and keep healthy. I would put it in a commond I rang the doorbell at 4 pm and asked me, undressing with his eyes as he did. mofos I took a room and invited me to sit on the couch, and poured me a glass of wine and sat on my nex. After we chatted for a while I realized that his hand was on my wasaware leg. Then he told me, I can tell the saddle for £ 400, but there is much here and that's what I want you to take. His hand began my leg, I thought this is the only way I know this chair and my husband has never had a man who hates me would be fucked up, opened my legs and slipped his hand under my panties and my ass, then mofos I came more and French kissed me and sought my tits with his other hand. Then he stood up and said get to the room. After he was there lying naked in bed, good bdy and his penis was enormous, Layte in the 10 ' and very thick, and it was tough. I have a slow strip and then approached him again and another deep throat as much as I coculd his tail and gave him his head until he arrived. He pushed me onto the bed and started licking my Fanny and ate was very good, I have a couple of times and then puyt some nipple clamps on m, and neither [ pples and I was handcuffed to the bed and said, have improved pain as slag. Then he began to use the belt in the ass, very sharp and hurting me. Then up the ass and I went straight to my butt and started to fuck me hard and rough. He beat my ass and pulled mofos my hair told me it was a sexy bitch and wanted to fuck me HJE for four years. I was aware that some pictures of the mofos flash. I tuirned and put my legs on his shoulders and took back the arms holding ovetr m above me and be really hard, I like. After he came, he said, sucking hard liock nd clean it the next time you see her ass and he fucked my ass then switch between the holes and tighten the clamps insulted me, he has done. He remained a sometimesª took more photos. When finished, it was just before 8 pm, I went and showered. when I returned, I said I was going to fuck on the morning of Saturday, said the deal was one of the. Then he showed me photos and a video he had taken, he had a video camera mounted on the wall. He told me he was going to show my friends on the patio and email to my husband not catch igf least once a week. Since then he took me five times. He treats me like a whore and loves to hurt and call me names. Somehow I like the mofos shit, but not like being blackmailed. I guess I have to stay with this.
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